Anita’s Approach

Results You Can Expect

Anita Darken Dressage CoachingAnita works with her clients to help them develop a strong foundation of knowledge and ability that will take them through to the top levels of competition.

She helps her clients build a strong partnership with their horse so that together they are able to achieve their best levels of performance. At each stage of their development her clients develop a deep understanding of both what they are doing and why they are doing it.


Guiding Philosophy

Anita has a strong commitment to professional excellence and some of the beliefs and principles that guide her approach to working with clients include:

  • Enjoyment – you must enjoy your riding, both in training and competition. This is a core foundation of success.
  • Love your Horse –  you must love your horse and animals. A strong partnership with your horse is essential.
  • Encouragement – is essential to foster confidence and build the strength to withstand and any challenges you encounter. Developing the ability of horse and rider to stand strong both in victory and defeat.
  • Partnership – your horse does not share your riding ambitions and you must build a partnership and understand your horse’s needs.
  • Quality Coaching – great riders don’t always make great coaches. Coaching education and training, and ongoing professional development are paramount.
  • Equestrian Mindset – to truly succeed you must learn to think like a horse.
  • Horse is an Athlete – your horse is also an athlete and needs to develop gymnastically in a constructive way – this takes time.


Why Choose Anita?

There are many coaches out there, so why choose to work with Anita? Ultimately because she has a proven track record and gets great results for her clients. Here are a few things that set Anita apart:

Longevity – many of Anita’s clients have such a great experience and grow significantly from working with her that they remain clients for years.

Personal Service – Anita has a positive and optimistic approach and is supportive, approachable whilst also being honest and direct. She’s not a conveyor belt coach squeezing in one client after another.

Partnership – she is a master at developing a strong partnership between horse and rider

Love for Horses – Anita really cares about the horse as well as the rider. She enjoys caring for her own horses and getting out for a ride.

Enjoyment – she helps keep riders realistic so that they really enjoy their sport.

Now you have a better idea of the Anita’s approach, philosophy and what makes her unique. Why not take a minute or two to look at some of her success stories.