Dressage Coaching

Anita focuses on providing clients a truly personal service for her clients. Her approach is warm and friendly and she ensures each of her clients gets the individual attention they need to achieve their goals.

Her coaching includes regular video analysis, reflecting on performance, planning programmes and support at competitions.

How it Works

Investing in developing your riding ability is a valuable and rewarding experience.  Here is an overview of the coaching process

  • When you contact Anita to enquire about working with her you’ll find a friendly, welcoming voice on the other end of the telephone.
  • You’ll then be able to schedule a trial coaching session to see how you get on and if working together is a good fit.
  • Once you become a clients you will book your sessions on a schedule to suit your goals, aspirations and budget – from 1-2 times per to once per month.
  • You’ll also have the option of completing a psychological profile to help determine your riding and learning styles so that your coaching can be tailored to ensure you get the absolute best results!


Whilst she coaches across the Eastern Region (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire) Anita works primarily in the North Essex and South Suffolk areas and often coaches her clients at their own private homes.

Lessons are 45-60 minutes in duration.

To enquire about the possibility of working with Anita as your Dressage Coach and Trainer, please call her on 07831 107127. 


Anita’s Key Dressage Coaching Achievements

Senior Dressage

  • Trained six riders to reach the National & Winter Dressage Championships – one of these did so in two consecutive years.
  • Trained a rider to reach National Freestyle Championships at Elementary to Advanced Medium level on two different horses.
  • Trained a member of the British Paralympic Dressage Team.
  • Currently training riders working at all levels to Grand Prix and clients regularly qualifying for Regional and Area Championships and Pet Plan Winter Finals.

Pony/Junior Dressage

  • Trained Nikki Crisp, member of the British Pony European bronze medal winning team, for several years. Help Nikki progress from ponies to horses and subsequently gain selection as a member of the British Junior European Dressage Team.
  • Nikki also won the Pony Club individual dressage Championship.
  • Together with Pasoa, the horse which she has trained from a youngster and which she brought out successfully at “big tour level” in 2010, Nikki is now recognised nationally and is currently a member of the “world class training system”.
  • Trained a rider to achieve runner up place in the Dressage Talent Spotting Final.
  • Currently training Lucy Fallon with Nureyef, a member of the young rider selection squad for 2011. Anita has trained Lucy since she was 11 on a number of horses and she has previously been very successful at advanced medium and PSG levels on the horse which she trained herself, – O’Donner.