Who Anita Works With

Anita works with a small, select, client base in order to be able to give them the high quality coaching, individual attention, and support that they require. She mostly works with competitive riders, and riders wanting to advance themselves to a competitive standard for their own enjoyment, even though they may not actually compete. 

Working with riders across the Eastern Region, covering Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Kent, Anita is a top choice for riders who are looking for a highly trained and skilled coach to progress their riding. She works with clients who are committed, from adults to youngsters alike, across a range of levels:

  • Dressage – Preliminary to Grand Prix level
  • Eventing – Introductory to 4 Star level

So whether you’re a Grand Prix competitor, or a recreational rider who enjoys the challenge of improving your skills and working through the levels for your own personal enjoyment and growth, Anita’s vast experience and coaching skill will help you advance quickly and become stronger rider.


Who is most likely to work successfully with Anita

From experience, Anita has found that the clients that get the most out of working with her typically share many of the following characteristics:

  • Commitment to understand their horse – riders who love their horse and are willing to put the time and effort into understanding how to work together as partners.
  • Prepared to work – riders who are prepared to put in the time and effort required to achieve the results they desire and that understand that there are no quick fixes.
  • Take responsibility – riders who are willing to take responsibility for their results and not blame the horse. Who are willing to work in partnership as horse and rider and don’t view their horse as a servant.
  • Work towards long term goals – rider who understand that change and improvement happen over time and are committed to working towards long term goals.
  • Committed – riders who are committed to practice and work between lessons to get the results and improvement they seek.

If many of these are true for you, then it’s highly likely that you and Anita will work well together and achieve great results. Now you understand the kind of clients Anita works with successfully, click on this link to learn more about her approach.